It's the road for Suzanne Somers on Dancing With the Stars. The Three's Company and Step by Step star got the boot after five weeks of competition for the mirror ball trophy. "

"I'm not bummed out," the 3 Way Poncho hawker told E! News. "We kind of suspected it today."

Somers said she's digging in the back of her closet now, her body has been changed by the dance experience. "I'm 68 years old and I don't think I looked or felt like a 68-year-old out there and that's what I was trying to prove," she said. "If you take good care of yourself, there's no end to what the human body can accomplish."

Still, Somers told us each week was going outside her comfort zone. "I had to struggle every week to rise up to what [Tony Dovolani] was teaching me. He didn't baby me…he told me from week one, ‘I am not choreographing for a 68-year-old, I'm choreographing for a 20-year-old.' Those were the kinds of routines we did and I did them," she said.

Dancing With The Stars, DWTS, Suzanne Somers

ABC/Adam Taylor

Somers and partner Dovolani danced to "He's a Tramp" from Disney's Lady and the Tramp and received a score of 28. It wasn't enough to save them, but at least fans—and Somers—got that Three's Company moment last week. Somers channeled her beloved character Chrissy Snow for Most Memorable Year and the duo danced to the theme song, "Three's Company, Too," by Ray Charles and Julia Rinker.

"I thought last week, putting Chrissy Snow back on her feet—which I haven't done in 35 years, I put her to bed a long time ago—and she danced last week, full out. In my mind, in my fantasy Chrissy Snow thought she was Cyd Charisse and she was having the time of her life and we really danced a great dance," Somers said.

Up next for Somers is a Las Vegas show and a book tour, but she'll be leaving the dancing out of her nightclub act…unless partner Dovolani comes by the show!

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.

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