The Royals sure loves the wow factor. 

In the above recap featuring creator Mark Schwahn, he reveals, "Episode 5 was one of our biggest episodes." And he wasn't joking. 

We discover that Jasper never had a video of Princess Eleanor, but he attempts to boss her around still, telling her to wait for him in bed. "It's a very believable yes and then when he gets there he finds out he's been dooped and now she's got the upper hand again," Mark admits. 

"I think maybe most importantly, we get to see a side of the queen we've never seen." Viewers get a good look at Queen Helena's love life before she was queen, and it's obvious she misses it. 

The Royals, Episode 105

Jim Marks Photography/E!

And the fan favorite moment of the episode was more than likely Prince Liam's love confession to Ophelia! Chills. 

Watch the above above recap featuring a commentary by Mark Schwahn! 

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