Apple Emojis


Sorry, you still can't flip the bird in your texts and social media posts.

Apple released iOS 8.3 to the public today, and one of the main new features that created plenty of buzz was the enhanced emoji keyboard, which finally included racially diverse characters.

After completing the update, iPhone users can select from over 300 new emojis, ranging from faces and hand gestures with different skin tones, along with offering same-sex family emojis as an option, and even added 32 more country flags.

But, people are still pissed, because even with all those additions, Apple still forgot to make one very important emoji—the middle finger! Sure, it's slightly vulgar and maybe not appropriate for kids, but it's necessary and can be used on so many occasions.

(However, we'd also like to argue that Starbucks, taco, lobster, champagne, white wine and Netflix emojis would be a smart move, too.)

Anyway, check out all the people who took to Twitter to vent their frustration of having to continue living in a world that doesn't offer a middle finger emoji:

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