Having successfully campaigned to become president two times in a row, President Barack Obama probably has a little bit of a competitive streak inside of him. Although we tend to see only the charismatic side of him, it turns out it takes just a quick game of basketball to get the commander in chief to turn on the spark.

The Washington Wizards stopped by the White House Monday to play some pickup b-ball with Obama and bunch of kids during the annual Easter Egg Roll, and it looks like the president got a little too excited when he was one of the few to make a basket. While going around getting high fives from the little kids, Obama approached Paul Pierce and gave him a piece of his mind! Thanks to the Internet and Instagram, we can all watch the president talk smack to an NBA all-star!

Barack Obama

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Although there is a ton of screaming and shouting, you can hear Obama say to Pierce, "That's three in a row! What you got to say?!" Don't worry, it was all fun and games (no one got hurt). Pierce and the president high-fived each other after he one-upped all the NBA players.

"Mr. President hitting game-winners! Celebrates with @johnwall and even talks smack with @paulpierce #Clutch #GimmeFive #WizCares #NBACares #NBAFit," the Wizards captioned the video.

To be fair, Obama is the President of the United States, so Pierce probably wasn't going to say anything back to him. A high-five seemed like a good call. Per the Washington Post, POTUS' teammate and Wizard John Wall walked away impressed with the politician's skills.

"It was fun. [Obama's] got the weirdest jump shot release but today he showed off," the all-star point guard said. "He showed off today. He hit two game-winners so he showed off a little bit today."

Wall added, "He trash-talked Paul when he hit the game-winner. He was like, 'I'm clutch, I'm clutch.'"

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