We really hate this phrase but after watching this video we really couldn't come up with anything more appropriate so:


This video, which is actually from a game back in June of 2014 but it's going viral now/again because the Internet doesn't make sense, shows what is possibly the best dance-off in the history of people dancing aggressively to get their emotions out.

Orbit, the mascot for the Houston Astros, was showing off to the crowd to the beat of Michael Jackson's "Slave to the Rhythm." He starts taunting what appears to be a grumpy, no-nonsense security guard when suddenly this dude straight up shuts down Orbit with his own dance moves. Like, completely shut that smug little mascot DOWN.

Yeah, this was almost definitely all a pre-planned skit but we like to think that Orbit had been taunting that security guard for months and after practicing at home each night, the man was ready to school that green jerk. We smell a dance movie coming from this…

Step Up 9: Twerkin' in the Outfield

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