Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars is back and so is the drama!

In a sneak peek of the upcoming season premiere, fans will be excited to see a plethora of their favorite reality star couples moving into the house, including Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and husband Hank Baskett. But while all the couples there are meant to be working on their own relationships, it seems that everyone seems to be focusing on Kendra and Hank's!

"The fact that they're here at Marriage Boot Camp implies that there's some truth within some of those tabloid stories, and they're actually here to work on it," muses Tami Roman of Basketball Wives.

The tabloid stories refer to Hank's headline-making cheating scandal, in which it was alleged he had an affair with a transsexual model. The couple chronicled the fall out of their affair on their reality show, Kendra on Top, but now viewers will get a deeper look into how they try to fix it.

Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

But it looks like Kendra and Hank realize that other people are more interested in their lives than their own. "Our marriage is potentially over, so if I feel for one minute that someone is judging us and our problems there's gonna be some drama going on."

Based on the preview, Tami is the most interested in the Hank and Kendra rumors because she flat out says, "I need to know, Hank. Is the transsexual story real?" But her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, calls her out for her curiosity.

"You just nosey," he says.

Those who have kept up with the trials and tribulations that comprise Hank and Kendra's relationship know that they seem to be on the mend. The mom of two had resumed Instagramming and tweeting adorable photos of her family and even debuted a brand-new diamond ring on the red carpet a few weeks ago, so maybe Marriage Boot Camp worked!

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