The Voice, Nate Ruess


Blake Shelton: English teacher?

Whenever we're on The Voice and have a question about grammar (which are alls of the times – see?), we don't first think of asking Blake Shelton, but apparently that's a mistake.  According to these outtakes, the country crooner clearly knows his stuff.

The clip below features some choice moments from the final week of knockouts that didn't quite make the show, including a lesson on plural words from Blake and the exact moment that guest advisor Nate Ruess invents our new favorite word: ri-sick-ulous. 

Plus, you'll definitely want to see the look on Adam Levine's face and hear his oh-so-mature retort when he realizes Blake is just coming over to his chair to steal something and not to share one of their classic broments.

The season 8 knockout rounds concluded on Monday with help from Ruess, leaving five contestants left on each team heading into next week's live playoff shows, which are sure to be filled with even more hilarity. 

Watch the video below to hear Blake spout the differences between a mouse and a moose and to find out what could possibly be cooler than being coached by both Pharrell and Nate Ruess (hint: it involves a talented recording artist falling from the ceiling)! 

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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