In the above sneak peek for the brand new House of DVF airing this Sunday, Kier is back to her old ways of being the "bitch" of the group. Four of the girls team up and set out to work on a photo shoot! 

While each of them gets a turn at directing a photo, Kier's shoot is first. In the video, she takes charge, bossing the other girls around and throwing out sarcastic comments here and there. Before her shoot even starts, her entire rack of clothes falls into the dirty, city street, which causes her to throw a fit. Can you really blame her though?

DVF Clip

Lenore explains it as, "The way Kier is directing us, is like bullying us." She goes on to say, "She's out of her mind." 

So does that mean she's now the "bitch" and the "bully"? Yikes! 

Watch the above sneak peek to get a glimpse into this Sunday's brand new House of DVF

Tune-in to an all-new episode of House of DVF this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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