Disney Stars with Grills

Courtesy: DesignCrowd.com

It's your favorite Disney stars like you've never seen them before!

While we're used to seeing celebrities like Rihanna, Madonna and Miley Cyrus work a grill on the red carpet, seeing a beloved princess with the unique piece of jewelry isn't exactly an everyday sight, until now!

The creative folks at DesignCrowd decided to have a little artistic freedom with a few iconic stars such as Tinker Bell, Mulan, Rapunzel and Ariel.

So what were the results? Let's just say we dropped a few OMGs on more than one occasion.

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From our favorite fish Nemo to the cutest big-screen snowman (we're looking at you, Olaf), the outcomes sure bring an extra glow and attitude to your favorite characters.

But enough of our praise! See the works of art for yourself in our new gallery. 

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