Oh, Family Feud. Thank you for your neverending parade of men shouting out sexually inappropriate answers, grandmothers shouting out inappropriate answers and fast money rounds that end in stunned silence. You are truly a gift sent from the TV gods. Never change.

Thankfully, Seth Meyers appreciates Family Feud as much as we do, so when he had Steve Harvey, who has been the host for the past five years, on his late night show, he asked the only question we really wanted to hear: What is the worst answer you've ever heard from a contestant?

And bless Mr. Harvey's heart, he named not one, but three. He describes them in the interview, but Gawker hunted down the actual clips from the episodes so you can get the full Family Feud experience:

1. The "naked grandma!" shout

2. The pork...upine

3. The fail so hard

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