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Imagine the irony—Emily Blunt takes on the role of a woman who desperately wants to have a baby but can't in Into the Woods, then finds out she's actually pregnant in real life right before filming.

While it was surely happy news for the actress and hubby John Krasinski, it also meant that she would have to work with the crew of the highly anticipated Disney musical (in theaters this Christmas) to try and conceal her growing baby bump.

Well, they did it, and now she and co-star Meryl Streep reveal how.

"That was pretty funny," Streep told Disney twenty-three, the publication of Disney's official fan club D23. "They were constantly putting James Corden [the Baker] in front of her belly, raising her apron higher and higher."

Into the Woods, Emily Blunt


Blunt joked, "I was hiding behind every tree in that wood!," and then added, "Colleen Atwood, who's the most remarkable costume designer, as everybody knows, was so accommodating. I would say towards the end, every four or five days they were making some adjustments."

Regardless of having to work around the physical changes that came with her pregnancy, Blunt explains the entire experience was beneficial when it came to identifying with her character.

"The fact that I was pregnant actually was a rather transporting thing, and a very helpful experience in a way to understanding the urgent need that this woman has for a baby," she said. "Here I was, feeling incredibly blessed and understanding what the character maybe is missing out on."

The famous couple became first-time parents on Feb. 16, nearly four years after the actors tied the knot in Italy, after welcoming their adorable baby daughter Hazel. Nearly three months later, Krasinski shared the first photo of their little girl on Twitter, writing, "Pics of kids should only come direct from parents. So I'm thrilled to introduce you guys to Hazel!!!"

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