Now, this is dedication.

We are all used to ogling Mark Wahlberg's tight, bulging biceps, but the 43-year-old actor transformed his muscular body and underwent a drastic 60-pound weight loss for his role as literature professor Jim Bennett in the crime thriller The Gambler.

At last night's premiere, the Oscar nominee revealed that he maintained a strict liquid diet for six weeks, consuming only eight ounces of almond milk, three times a day.

"I was miserable because I like food," he explained. "Then, I had to exercise for two-three hours on top of shooting a 12-hour day. It was not fun."

Mark Wahlberg

Jerome Favre/Getty Images for Paramount

The hunky star was understandably unhappy about his lack of meals, but there was another person who was even more upset with the situation: Michael Bay.

"We weren't done shooting Transformers: Age of Extinction. We still had additional shots to do," said Wahlberg. "So, I had to go to [Michael's] house the day I was ready to wrap, 60 pounds down, and he thought I was dying."

Watch the clip to find out what the director told him!

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