Don't ever run up on Fat Mike (real name Mike Burkett) during a NOFX show, unless you want to suffer the consequences.

A viral video shows an excited fan experiencing it firsthand during a recent show in Sydney, Australia, when he snuck on stage to give Mike a hug (or something) but instead got punched and kicked in the face. "Mike had complained earlier on in the evening about neck pain and having the fan grab him didn't go down well," the description clip states.

Although the hits look painful, the eager fan, who has been identified as Alexander Medak, doesn't seem to be mad at Fat Mike for the way he responded to his gesture. In fact, he thanked the musician on Twitter.

"thanks for the KO mike, didn't hurt too much. Soz for creepin up on you like, punk shows are a bit different down here," he tweeted, and also posted a photo of his swollen lip.

But the best part? Fat Mike responded and even tried to smooth things over.

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