Brian Williams, Mike Seidel

Getty Images, Twitter

Not everything is as it seems, you guys.

Brian Williams took a moment during NBC's Nightly News to address a hot topic of the moment: Mike Seidel.

The weatherman came under fire after Twitter users alleged that he was urinating during a live segment over the weekend.

And upon hearing all the buzz on social media, Williams wanted a chance to clear the air and give a perfectly reasonable explanation for why Seidel was caught off guard during the segment.

"Social media owes our friend Mike Seidel an apology. The intrepid and fearless weather channel meteorologist was the victim of some wild misinformation when this happened on the news here Saturday night," he explained.

"Lester Holt threw to Mike's live report in a snow storm in North Carolina, Mike had lost cellphone contact with our control room, so he couldn't hear through his attached earpiece that he was on the air. He put his back to the storm and to the camera to take off his gloves and redial his phone which was tethered to his ear and that's when the rumors hit the web that he was perhaps writing his name in the snow."

The beloved anchor finished by saying, "It was just Mike working to make it right which is why we all love working with Mike Seidel."

Meanwhile, Seidel had equally lovely words for Williams and wrote the following message on Twitter:

"A big thanks to Brian Williams for having my back! He cleared up [the] internet rumor about what I was really doing."

(NBC and E! are both part of the same NBCUniversal family.)

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