Maybe she was told, "Hey, if you hold your own against these grown-up pro golfers at this major U.S. championship, you'll get ice cream."

Lucy Li, an 11-year-old Northern California girl, made history by making her debut at the U.S. Women's Open on Thursday, June 19. And the sixth grader, who is the youngest player to qualify for the event, stole the show—both during and after the tournament.

Sporting an adorable patriotic red, white and blue shirt and skirt with stars (and hearts!) and stripes, braided pigtails, a red visor and braces on her teeth, Li shot an 8-over-78 in her opening round at the Pinehurst No. 2 course in North Carolina, placing her in the top of the bottom third of the leader board.

Lucy Li

David Cannon/Getty Images

She later talked to the press while periodically stealing licks from a pink Starburst ice cream bar.

"It was a lot of fun. I kind of struggled today, but it was great," she said, adding, "I was just trying to have fun and go out there and play my best."

When asked how she liked her frozen treat, she replied, "It's good! It's melting, though," spurring reporters to burst into laughter.

"What's your plan for the rest of the day?" one of them asked.

"Um, eat some more ice cream," she said.

Watch an extended Golf Channel video of Lucy Li talking to the press below!

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