Orly Shani, Sunglass Hut

It's a fact: Your summer outfit isn't complete until you have the right pair of sunglasses on. How else are you able to check out the guy sitting next to you without him knowing? Don't deny that you do it (we all do!)

The problem with sunglasses is that the trends are constantly changing, and it's hard to know what the hottest styles of the season are! Luckily with the help of The Fabulist co-host Orly Shani and Sunglass Hut, we are able to get an insider's look at which sunglasses you should pick up or pass on before you hit the beach.

Pop Quiz: Orly fills us in on the best sunglasses to wear when taking a selfie. Think you know the answer? Check out the video below to see if you're right!

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