PLS DC Pool/French Select/Getty Images

We guess Rihanna needed a break from looking out-of-this-world incredible at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Let's just hope it doesn't last longer than this one swing and miss style.

Though if the "We On" singer is headed to throw a few back with her girlfriends at a military themed club in circa 1990, she's perfectly dressed. Otherwise, she should probably return these items to Salt-N-Pepa.

Rihanna, CFDA

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Combined differently, these pieces might have a stylish second life. The structured halter could be cute with a matching mini and we might like the baggy bottoms with a tight tank. It would help if this boring khaki could be switched out for a color that doesn't look like wet sand, but now we're just getting picky. 

Considering the world is still buzzing from the Barbadian beauty's red carpet boob exposure, we're sure this style will be quickly forgotten, as it should be.

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