Nicolas Mahut


Awkward alert!

After Nicolas Mahut lost his first-round tennis match during the French Open yesterday, a misinformed "reporter" congratulated the tennis star during a press conference. The best/worst part is the whole embarrassing interaction was caught on video!

"Congratulations," the man says to Mahut.

A confused Mahut responds in English, "Congratulations? I lost."

"You lost? Oh, OK," the man says. "What happened out there?"

But the 32-year-old tennis star doesn't let the man off the hook after his uncomfortable attempt at recovery.

"Are you serious?" Mahut asks the man. "Did you watch the match?"

"No, I didn't," the reporter admits. "I was told that you won. I'm sorry."

Mahut then asks the reporters to only speak French from that point on before a long, very awkward pause. So embarrassing!

Watch the hilarious video for yourself.

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