Kids today just don't know how lucky they are, especially when it comes to technology. It wasn't long ago when getting on the Internet meant sitting through the annoying AOL sounds and crossing fingers and toes that we would hear that magical voice say "Welcome!"

But even before that, the Internet wasn't an option on computers. Our entertainment came in the form of floppy disks. And pointing and clicking with a mouse? Forget about it. We had to type in commands to get our computer to do anything.

Keeping all that in mind, YouTube's The Fine Brothers have come out with another video in their "Kids React" series, and you have to watch how today's young folk react when they are given an Apple II computer from the late '70s to play with. Mostly, they are horrified by the sheer size of the computer. But before they can play with it, they have to figure out how to turn it on. That's an ordeal in itself.

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