There are perks to growing up with a famous family member, and some of those perks are extra, um, perky.

Emma Roberts appeared on The Queen Latifah Show (airing tomorrow) and shared what it was like to grow up with her auntie Julia Roberts. Hint: It was a blast.

"You would have to drag me off set," the actress exclaimed. "I would go and visit and my mom would be like, 'Aren't you bored? Don't you wanna leave?' and I'm like, 'No, I'm in hair and makeup now,' and my mom would be like, 'You're 7!'"

And Emma wouldn't hesitate to try on all of her aunt's costumes—especially the more mature outfits.

Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich

Universal Studios

"I remember I was on Erin Brockovich—that set—a lot, and you remember all her costumes in that movie were very scandalous and I would always sneak into the trailer and sneak them on like the big padded-boob costumes. I was just obsessed. It was so fun."

Of course, after parading Julia's set in padded costumes, Roberts fulfilled her own successful career in acting and has most recently starred in the second season of Ryan Murphy's series American Horror Story: Coven. She shared with Queen Latifah that she had so much fun, and is excited to be on the show's third season, which Emma's learned is a Freak Show theme.

So what role will she play? "We don't know our characters and I'm kinda nervous...All the guys on the show make fun of me like, 'You're gonna be the bearded lady!'"

Hey, beards are in.

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