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Disney Voices, Elsa, Jasmin, Flynn, Ariel


Happy 60th birthday, Disneyland! Damn, you look good for your age. What's your secret? If you say, "drink more water" we're going to punch you because we know there is more to it than that. Anyway, to celebrate 60 years of magical park fun, we put together 60 fun facts about the people who gave life to your favorite Disney characters.

Did you know that a certain Scandal star is also the voice behind an animated Disney character? Or that the woman who gave life to Ariel in The Little Mermaid almost voiced another princess? If you answered "no" or "nah" or "leave me alone, please" to either question, then it's time you get some Disney education, dear friend. And no, we won't leave you alone. Not until you know the faces and fun facts behind some of Disney and Pixar's most famous animated characters!

From the original princess Snow White to everyone's favorite Frozen queen Elsa, we've dug up cool behind-the-scenes info on all of the actor and actresses who voiced your faves! Ready to go on a Disney binge? Let's make some magic!