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Lea Michele is out for vengeance!

After her defeat in the last edition of "Brain Busters: Glee Edition," which featured Darren Criss grilling both her and Chris Colfer on all things Broadway, Glee's leading lady is back for another showdown with Colfer, and this time the pair couldn't be on more equal footing, as all the questions are about their own show.

Round two of the behind-the-scenes game show features more ridiculous questions and way more buzzing, plus Chord Overstreet joins in to quiz Michele, while Criss quizzes Colfer. So, who wins this time around? And which character does Overstreet play in his own Glee fantasy world? You'll have to watch this exclusive video to find out!

So what were some of the questions asked this time around? 

How many times has Rachel kissed Blaine? Who does Chris Colfer play? What are some of the nicknames given to Kurt and Rachel over the seasons? What is Brittany's cat's name? What kind of dessert is Kurt's body like? Plus, what little tidbit did we definitely not want to remember about Sue Sylvester?

Basically, this video is just even more proof that Darren Criss could host the game show of our dreams, and we wouldn't say no to a sidekick named Chord Overstreet!

Be sure to tune in Tuesday night for Glee's fifth season finale, which, based on promos, is sure to bring some exciting things to the world of Glee, along with a few very confusing Blaine-in-bed-with-Brittany-related things. (Trust us, we're just as "huh?" about that as you are.)

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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