Jess Seinfeld, Instagram


Jessica Seinfeld has been experimenting with more than recipes lately.

Jerry Seinfeld's wife of 14 years delighted back in December by chopping her long hair off into a charming pixie style, and now she has gone bright blond.

"Oh, it went down today. @spratula aka Sarah Spratt taught me you can never be too old or too brunette to be blonde. Thank you @rheannewhite for the cut. You are still killing it after 11+ years together, boo," she wrote in thanks on Instagram yesterday after the transformation was complete.

And of course the cookbook author who advised moms on how to hide veggies in their kids' food has continued to be her usual resourceful self.

"ALERT: another use for coconut oil! I am ONLY posting this selfie to explain that after getting Blonded yesterday by @spratula, I covered my head in COCONUT OIL to hydrate after the process. (I slept with a do-rag to not ruin my pillowcase.) Silky smooth results."

We wonder if Jerry is a fan or if he's just wondering, What is with all these pixie cuts?!

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