Game of Thrones might not be the only TV drama with a kingslayer soon!

Leading up to its sure-to-be epic finale on wednesday, May 15, no one is safe on Reign. Not even the King of France!

As the M3 hit's King Henry (Alan Van Sprang) descended further into madness, the rest of the royals were forced to make some difficult decisions, especially our resident queens, Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine (Megan Follows). Yes, you know things are bad when these two enemies are forced to team up.

We've got a recap of last night's episode of Reign, fittingly titled "Long Live the King," which finds Mary plotting against her husband, Francis (Toby Regbo)!

Will Mary really be able to kill Francis' father?! Seems likely, especially after Catherine makes quite the case for her husband's death in the exclusive video above. 

Of course, before the murder plots, Mary and Francis will share a "bittersweet" reunion as he's returning to French Court after being off at war for four months. 

"The reunion between Mary and Francis is going to be somewhat bittersweet," Adelaide Kane teases. "With any couple, if you spend that much time apart, there's going to be a disconnect when you come back together."

There's also another issue the young couple had to deal with: Lola's (Anna Popplewell) pregnancy as Francis still doesn't know he's the father. "With Lola and the baby and [Mary] still remaining childless, she's had more time to focus on the fact that she can't have children. Just because they love each other and he's been away at war, that doesn't mean they don't still have conflicting patriotic duties. That's never going to change."

And you thought your love life was complicated!

Reign season finale airs Wednesday at 8e/5p on the M3.

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