Savannah Guthrie, Old Julep, Today Show


It's probably safe to say that if Savannah Guthrie ever has a horse competing in the Kentucky Derby someday, we know what she won't be naming it.

On Friday's Today, the show's co-host and the rest of the program's crew, were told what their imaginary horses' monikers should be by way of a Kentucky Derby horse name generator.

Everyone seemed to get pretty cool names—Thunder Glory, Bourbon Sun, Razor Eagle, Falcon Red, Rum Steel.

Everyone but Guthrie, that is, who was told hers was Old Julep.

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"Old?! No!" she exclaimed.

"I like Old Julep," said Al Roker from Churchill Downs.

"We'll never forget it," remarked Natalie Morales, sitting beside her.

"It really has a ring, doesn't it?" Guthrie sarcastically noted.

Johnny Weir, Today Show, Kentucky Derby


Meanwhile, Johnny Weir, who along with Tara Lipinski will be serving up fashion commentary at the 140th Kentucky Derby this weekend for NBC, definitely got into the spirit of things on Today this morning.

After all, the hats people wear to the Derby are almost as big a deal as the race itself.

As for the one Weir wore on Friday, he said with a smile, "I'm so inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The Birdcage."

(E! and Today are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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