Justin Bieber

Prince Williams/WireImage

When the biggest stories out of the Super Bowl are tweets about the power outage and Beyoncé's boomin' system, you know pop culture has finally trumped sports once and for all. Mind you, a beleaguered sports icon like Lance Armstrong can still make Hollywood headlines by simply being discussed in the context of Bradley Cooper, and fans of EA Sports video game fare may soon have a new PlayStation console to sink their thumbs into.

With Oscar anticipation starting to crest, we're taking refuge from the drama-drenched maelstrom by embracing funny stuff. From Melissa McCarthy returning to the big screen to Portlandia's triumphant new season on cable, we're learning all over again: it's good to laugh. Go ahead, try it.

This week has also delivered unexpected treats. For one, the My Bloody Valentine album that most music fans had given up hope of ever hearing actually surfaced in the real world. Best part: It rules.

Oh, and … two words: Bieber unplugged! 

Dive into the gallery and see what else has got us fired up and fascinated this week.

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