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We have seen the future, and it's LeAnn Rimes looking like LeAnn Rimes.

The bikini-loving, spotlight-humping singer/actress recently posted this before-and-after photo set on Twitter, crediting an "old app" for the theoretical changes that might happen to her face in a few decades.

Which is a fine exercise except that, aside from the Morticia Addams hair and knitting-circle vest, we're having trouble spotting a ton of differences in the two pics...

LeAnn always makes her mouth look like that in photos—whether she's pretending to be old or not—and the lady dowager-style look of disapproval is pretty much S.O.P. for her too. Even the Falcor cheeks have been a staple of Mrs. Cibrian's face for years.

Still, LeAnn seems to think there's just a ton of change going on here, as illustrated by the five exclamation points she used during her post ("Gotta love the old app!!!!!"), so maybe we're the ones going senile.

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