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Lindsay Lohan could have been at fault when she crashed into that 18-wheeler truck. Or not!

Contrary to reports that the blame has already been laid on Lohan's beleaguered shoulders, Santa Monica police confirm to E! News that they are still investigating what went down June 8 when the actress' Porsche took the brunt of a scary smash-up.

But authorities do have an idea as to what may have happened.

"Speed is most likely a factor—but there could be a lot of different factors that caused the accident," Sgt. Richard Lewis told E! "We did measure skid marks on the scene as a result of the accident."

But, he added, the investigation is still open.

"Every accident has a determination of fault," Lewis said. "In most accidents a citation is issued either on the scene or once the determination of fault is decided. The accident report will be turned over to the insurance companies once they request them. This is routine and takes about 30 days."

Addressing a report that a plastic bottle containing alcohol was found in the Porsche's trunk, Lewis said that there was a plastic bottle "in the debris field," but they don't know yet if it was related to the incident.

"Whether or not that bottle came from the car, the truck or was on the street has not been determined," he said. "The bottle was collected and the contents of that bottle have not been identified."

Unlike the car she was driving, Lohan escaped the crash relatively unscathed, requiring only a brief trip to the hospital before she returned to the Malibu set of Liz & Dick later that day.

Lohan made more headlines a week later when producers called paramedics to her room at the Marina del Ray Ritz Carlton when they had trouble waking her from a nap. Her rep attributed the scare to exhaustion and dehydration.

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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