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Of course Team Truth spent spring stuck in the gym, hitting the elliptical extra hard to prep our killer beach bods (gotta look fierce!).

But we can't wear bikinis and bathing suits all the time—trust us, we checked, but it doesn't count as "business casual"—so we've had to indulge in a few of summer's other hot trends. And Hollywood is too—just ask Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez or any of those other "Best Dressed" list staples.

So it's time to raid your closet and tell us which truly fab trend has you looking hotter than the beach in July:

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But back to the runway:

First up is a tribute to the '90s 'cause it's time to bring that belly button back out from hiding! Crop tops are all the rage these days—check out Miley Cyrus, who's been looking like sex on the red carpet (hell-o, that Pucci crop she wore to the Hunger Games premiere, anyone?!) and on the street.

And other Disney darlings—like Selena Gomez—have hopped onboard, opting for tops that proudly display their midriffs. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it. And by it we mean those perfectly toned Pilates abs (duh). Consider us 100 sit-ups away from riding the crop top train all summer long.  

Or perhaps you'd rather have a pop of color up top?! Forget the days when neon locks were reserved for the edgy punk-rocker type, fashionistas like Katy Perry are huge advocates of the next trend: crazy color hair dye!

The songstress ditched her blue 'do for some purple highlights...and she's not the only one switching up her hair hue. Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad have each followed suit, rocking pink streaks in their usually blond locks. So grab your Winter Kate kimono and get ready to color your tips—you'll be the fiercest bitch in the Biz if you rock this ultra-cool trend!

While Lady Gaga may have said mint would be big in spring, it's huge in the summer—just check out Ms. Gomez's latest red carpet hit! Justin Bieber's GF paired a sweet mint dress with super sexy makeup to create that par-fait mix of girly and glam (don't you just die?!).

Then there's Eva Longoria, who looked simply divine—in mint, of course—at a Desperate Housewives event and Stacy Keibler, who took it to the beach with BF George Clooney. And if you need even more proof, it even got the royal treatment, with Queen Elizabeth II looking as cool as mint chocolate chip ice cream at her jubilee.

Finally, maybe you prefer something a bit more refined. And there's nothing more classic than a floral print. Need proof? Take a peek at besties Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron. Gals look as sweet as sunshine in their A-line dresses and ballet flats and these cuties are hardly alone! Hollywood is practically a fashionable garden, with Kate Bosworth and Vanessa Hudgens doing flower power by day and Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart rocking it on the red carpet.

We usually reserve this look for the ultra girly girls (looking at you T.Swift), but we've been totally inspired by Kristen's edgy take. Hey, whoever said flowers can't be totally badass?! Pass the floral crop top and converse, please.

But you tell us: Are you a floral gal, love your mint everything, can't get enough crop tops or totally dig the rainbow locks? Sound off below!

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