Guess Me From Behind


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Like mother, like doggie?

This 19-year-old former Disney princess was clearly the queen bitch of this mini canine pack when she went for a stroll with a furry friend in Hollywood the other day.

Both parties showed off their sleek black butts—the human in hot pants and matching boots, the dog in stylish fur. We can only assume that the singer-actress's hot Aussie movie-star boyfriend appreciated the view.

Any guesses about our mystery booty queen?






Miley Cyrus


It's Miley Cyrus, a noted dog lover!

Along with a simple, comfy-looking gray tee and layered gold necklaces, the former Hannah Montana star was seen wearing a pin that read, "Homophobia is a Social Disease." She also Tweeted about the pin, calling it, "my favorite accessory of the day."

As for the dog, an adoptee named Mary Jane, she too was stylin' in a blingy collar and, of course, white socks.

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