We don't know what's gotten into him.

Lately, James Franco has been up to some interesting antics (like impersonating Selena Gomez) and he doesn't seem to be taking a break, as seen by his latest WhoSay video upload where he lip-syncs to Rihanna.

Cue the frizzy-hair sways and body rolls, this actor is ready to give you a show. Well, kinda.

During the video, you see an overly excited Franco mouthing the words to "You Da One," and while we don't know why he's doing it, we really don't need a reason because it's funny to watch. A little creepy, but still funny.

Plus, who doesn't love to bust out a Rihanna song now and then? And for all we know, he's practicing for that interesting character he's playing on Spring Breakers.

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