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Grey's Anatomy fans, we are spoiling you something awful with scoop. So why stop now?

Shonda Rhimes tells us all about what we can expect for the rest of the season for our favorite docs, and it's, in her words, "juicy." And Game of Thrones is back and we've got intel on what's coming up. All that, plus scoop on New Girl, One Tree Hill, Happy Endings and more in today's dose of Spoiler Chat…

Helen: Got more scoop on Grey's Anatomy?
We sure do! We are heading toward the end of the season and the end of our docs as residents. Board exams are on the horizon and not everyone will pass. Shonda Rhimes tells us: "Things get really juicy. It's very interesting watching the residents grow up and they are starting to be attendings and they are starting looking for jobs and things get very dicey. I can't say what's going to happen with that, but that's going to be a really interesting time because if you don't pass your boards, you don't necessarily get a job." Um, does that sound foreboding to you? She promises that "everything is going to be very very different next year."

@COforever: PLEASE ask Sandra Oh how she feels about the Cristina-Owen arc this season!
You're in luck, because we have the answer to your question on video! Sandra Oh ranks this year's arc with some her of most memorable moments. Their marital woes are right up there with being cut out of the wedding dress and facing down the shooter in the hospital. So while it might be painful right now to watch Cristina and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) marriage unravel it's sure to deliver some of the finest drama the season.

Want more Grey's scoop straight from Rhimes and the cast? It's all below in video form because honestly, who wants to read all the time?

Leslie W: Getting greedy now but I need more Games of Thrones scoop!
No need to explain your Game of Thrones addiction to us! We understand completely and fortunately we have some more salacious scoop to give. There is definitely a new temptress in town and she uses the age-old "I will give you a son" line to bed her partner. Now we know from years of watching The Tudors that a proclamation like that isn't particularly truthful, but in this case it definitely does the trick for seduction.

Happy Endings


Liza: I haven't heard much about Jane in the season finale of Happy Endings. Remedy that!
Jane is all over the season finale, both physically and mentally. "She gets a task ahead of her. Something happens, and she's the only one who knows about it," Eliza Coupe reveals to us. "Someone confides in her and she has to start making things right, which is just a major fantasy for her." We've seen the season finale (airing tonight!), and let us tell you, Jane is in full "crazy lady mode." We wouldn't want it any other way.

Lyla G.: Cece and Schmidt baby on New Girl? I die. Tell me Schmidt will be happy about it...I love them together!
You tell us: after finding out about Cece's condition, he gives toasts and sings to Cece's stomach. Safe to say, Schmidt realizes how lucky he is to have wormed his way into Cece's bed and uterus. Was that gross to say? Probably. However, one of the roommates won't exactly be on board with the possible parents-to-be. Any guesses who's not on Team Baby?

Kira: Secret Life scoop!
You know what Secret Life of the American Teenager needs? Mean teenagers. And wouldn't you know it, we're gonna get 'em! Secret Life will soon introduce us to a pair of possibly recurring mean girl characters who will rub Amy the wrong way for multiple reasons. Want more drama? Adrian will be getting back in the flirtin' game, and it does not go over well with certain people.

One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Stephanie: The day has arrived: The One Tree Hill series finale. Can we get some scoop, one last time?
Geez, way to make us cry. Our hearts are fragile, ya know! As for scoop, all we really want to reveal is that there are plenty of Easter Eggs and callbacks for One Tree Hill fans that have been there since the beginning. Like, the very, very beginning. So make sure you DVR the episode so you can find them all! And then come back here after the series finale for some much needed OTH-withdrawal therapy!

Kim: Can't wait for True Blood to start! Any good intel?
Ever wonder what a teenage Joe Manganiello looked like? We like to imagine tall, ripped and gorgeous, but we digress. The True Blood casting department will have their hands full looking for someone to play a 14-year-old Alcide for a flashback this season. In addition to our fave werewolf, we can't wait to see a young and innocent Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan) appear before V addiction, motorcycle gangs of werewolves, paranoia and jealousy took over.

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