Robert Pattinson

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Everybody knows Kristen Stewart wasn't Robert Pattinson's first love, much to our dismay.

It was Nikki Reed (Kidding.) Of course, it was music, duh. We all know that.

And since we also know Robsten isn't on the rocks—and they're apart yet again—what's getting our favorite dude going these days and why is he such a tortured soul?

Music, of course. 

And since it's no secret that Rob loves jamming with his Twilight pals, we certainly aren't surprised R.Pattz is reportedly working to record an album of his own.

And in total Rob fashion, this will so not be your typical pop album, but instead have a more indie feel. You know, with a guitar, bass and drums, as Rob "loves to play the blues," dishes costar Jackson Rathbone

We can totally see it now, a smooth and sexy R.Pattz album that perfectly brings out his inner romantic. We're already dying to hear it. 

And since Rob has apparently had to abandon his first love to casually create a multimillion=dollar franchise, we bet he's just itching to get in the studio. 

We love the idea of an R.Pattz album, and will be beyond thrilled if this is true.

But don't get too eager Rob, because there is still lots of Breaking Dawn promotion to be done and we know you won't deny us of any Robsten appearances. 

Then again, if we can catch Rob serenading his woman while playing his guitar in his oh-so-sexy hipster, British ways?

Yep, we'll take that over Breaking Dawn any day. 

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