Camille Grammer, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 2

Richard McLaren/Bravo

Kelsey Grammer moved on at lightning speed, and now his ex-wife Camille is finally dipping back into the dating pool herself.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells E! News she's seeing a new guy—but he's no one we would recognize.

"He's just a regular guy who's not in the business," she told E! News at the Kari Feinstein Emmy suite last week. So how long have they been dating and what does she like most about him?

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"He's a great guy," she told us in L.A at the suite, where she sipped specialty Sauza tequila cocktails. "He's very sweet, very caring. And we will see what happens. It's new. It has only been a couple of months."

The mom of two admits that her divorce was very painful, but she's starting to feel better.

"I'm moving forward with my life. I'm in a really good place," she explained. "At first I was devastated, but time heals. And every day, I feel stronger. Thank god my friends and family have been by my side throughout this whole thing. They have been so supportive. I have to say it has been so important to have your friends and family there for you."

Camille also spoke about castmate Russell Armstrong's suicide, saying the mood among the women is "somber."

"We have been through a lot and my heart goes out to Taylor and Kennedy and, of course, the Armstrong family," she shared. "It was a shock to us and we were devastated by the loss of our castmate Russell. Right now our focus is on staying together and being there for our friend and supporting her through this difficult time in her life."

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