"I spent two full days completely naked on set, and there were some bubbles," Ian Somerhalder says. We just wanted to put that image in your head. That's all. Goodnight, folks!

Just kidding, we have lots more Vampire Diaries season-three scoop coming from Mr. Somerhalder, including a quote from him that'll make Damon-Elena shippers squeal with delight. After you're done checking out our interviews with the holy trinity (Paul, Ian, Nina) at the CW party up there, come back down let Ian preview the new season of TVD for you...

"I'm a lot closer to our crew. You kind of have no secrets anymore," Somerhalder says about his naked bubble scenes in the season premiere. "And these are men. They are, like, macho dudes, and a lot of ladies as well. But when you sit around for four or five hours a day and you don't have a stitch of clothing on, you actually become a lot closer to everyone. As if we couldn't get any closer, because we're all so close."

We'll get to see the fruits (hee) of his labor in tonight's TVD season premiere, and in case you missed the really quick preview of said scene, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is there when Damon is covered in nothing but bubbles. But don't get too excited, Delena supporters, it's not that kind of scene. However, we will get to see some sweetness between those two. "There's a really cool dynamic between Elena and Damon that's happening right now with their banter," Somerhalder says. "They're pretty cute. They're like a little married old couple." (Adorable, right?)

His friendship with Elena might be the only thing Damon has going for him this season, because as Somerhalder puts it, "he's ultimately pretty pissed off" with how things are unfolding. "I don't think he ever saw his life ending up this way. He's now stuck protecting this girl who he's in love with, who is 150 years younger than him and he can't have her. Because (a), she doesn't want him and (b), [she's] his brother's girl, and even for Damon he's not going to stoop that low," he tells us. "She's 18 and he figures she's got another 70 to 75 years of life, so he's stuck in Mystic Falls for at least another century."

Meanwhile, his bro Stefan (Paul Wesley) is running wild with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), which is yet another reason while Damon is pissed off. He's no longer the bad boy! "He's been tamed and he's been put in his place. And had his ass kicked over and over again, and he's not very happy about it," Somerhalder says. "He's also pissed because he tried to get his brother to be exactly what he wanted him to be, which is going around and killing everything in his path. A path of fun and blood and booze and destruction. Well, now Damon is stuck in Mystic Falls, and Stefan is running around and doing all that s--t, but with Klaus, whom Damon can't stand. And I think he's frustrated, plain and simple."

Even though Damon is having a real case of the Mondays this season, he and Elena will be hooking up in the detective sense to try and bring Stefan back. But there's one tiny problem: Stefan doesn't want to come back. "Stefan doesn't want to be found," Somerhalder insists. "Elena wants to find him, and Damon wants to do whatever she wants because she's been through a lot and he wants to maker her happy and make sure she's protected. He knows his brother. He's seen this before, so he's figuring it's going to take a while—damn near a century probably—to really get him back, which he knows he doesn't have, and that's just going to crush her. Essentially he's doing all this stuff for her, which is what he does. He risks his life for her. He would do anything for her, and that's what he's doing."

That's a whole lot of drama between three people, and we cannot wait to see how it plays out! What about you guys? Excited that TVD is finally back? Let's all hit the comments and celebrate the return of our Mystic Falls gang together.

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