It's safe to say this one was not on Jack Nicholson's bucket list.

Dozens of firefighters rushed to the Hollywood Hills house owned by the Oscar winner Friday night after it mysteriously burst into flames.

So, what went down?

While Nicholson hasn't lived in the home since 1975, he has been renting it out—most recently to his Two Jakes costar, William Tynan, who was in the home when it caught on fire, E! News has confirmed. 

Tynan was asleep when he started to smell smoke, but was able to escape his home before it was engulfed in flames.

While authorities are still investigating what sparked the blaze, firefighters are speculating that it may have been caused by chemicals in the garage, according to KABC.

And although nearly 90 firefighters were on hand to put the fire out, the house reportedly burned to the ground. The fire was so intense, reports the L.A. Times, that two firefighters were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries they suffered while attempting to quell the flames

Needless to say, Tynan lost everything in the fire, but Nicholson was quick to come to his aid. 

The actor invited Tynan, his close friend for over 30 years, to stay with Nicholson until he gets back on his feet.

While media reports suggested that Tynan's pal William O'Farrell lived in the ravaged home with him, O'Farrell actually moved out six months ago.

—Reporting by Marcus Mulick

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