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Teen Moms gotta fight for their right to partay.

Just because they have toddlers (or a little baby weight) doesn't mean these young mothers can't let their hair down (or "go blond and long"). Just ask Jenelle Evans!

So get out of jail, attach those hair extensions, and book your ticket to Flo Rida Florida, because it's time to switch up the atmosphere in tonight's Teen Mom recap!

OK, so Amber was a bit of a party pooper tonight, although she had plenty to celebrate after her 24-hour incarceration in the Big House for that pesky domestic-violence incident. "Spending the night in jail sucked [and was] stressful on everyone," Amber narrated…over footage of a portly paparazzo's face-plant in the jail parking lot. Well played, MTV, well played.

Because of a judge's no-contact order—hey, just like Butch and April, Catelynn and Tyler's parents!—Amber and Gary can't see each other. Instead, Amber welcomes her mother, Tonya, back into her life. "I'm not fully grown yet"—but G.Shirl is, right? Just checking, because we don't think Aéropostale Athletics can make their T-shirts any bigger—"and I need my mommy," Amber tells Tonya, pleading, "I need motherly support and as much help as I can get."

Farrah, as usual, is refusing "suffocating" mom Debra's offers of support, choosing instead to pursue that elusive bachelor's degree in Fort Lauderdale. (Who believes Farrah is just going to college for the spring break?) Before the trip, Farrah decides "taking care of a dog is too much work," so, as we originally reported, she gives puppy Candy away to a neighbor who actually "loves" the pooch. (Let's hope one of Farrah's Florida neighbors doesn't take a shine to her daughter, Sophia.)

"Mommy doesn't like the dog anymore—it's a sanitation issue," says the Wicked Witch of the West, adding, "Sophia's not even going to miss the dog." (Maybe that's why the mean Ms. Gulch decides to adopt another l'il Toto in Florida?)

In the Sunshine State (where Farrah is living now), Farrah drops off her application at a school that actually awards a bachelor's degree of sorts (and costs approximately $93,545—we crunched the numbers at the school's website). Then she has plenty of time to look for a place to live and head to the beach. The waves terrify Sophia while Farrah envisions her C cups in a bikini, surrounded by spring break revelers.

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College student Tyler is already living the life, planning to go clubbing with his friends and their fake IDs. (Mere supposition on our part, but how else are the teens getting into a nightclub?) "Insecure" Catelynn nearly derails the party train, when she goes from clubbing to "it's not gonna work" in 60 seconds. Fortunately, it's nothing that can't be fixed with an on-camera counseling session, and the kids head out to dance the night away at what must be an under-21 club. We trust you, MTV.

Maci, meanwhile, has decided to enroll in another "boring" semester of school instead of having a second baby. Just in time, Maci has another excuse not to study: She has to care for her boyfriend, Kyle, who shattered his kneecap in an apparent motocross accident. But Maci has her priorities straight this time, even missing Kyle's birthday to attend her classes, meet up with her counselor and head to the salon to go "blond and long" with a platinum dye job and hair extensions.

When she drops Bentley off at baby daddy Ryan's house—make that his parents' house—her going-places ex announces, "I don't work anymore." A little fact mom and dad seem to have forgotten when they continue to harangue Ryan about getting legal custody of Bentley. Now that he doesn't have to worry about a job, Ryan apparently—based on next week's previews—has plenty of time to resume his party-all-night lifestyle. Macy, who must be having flashbacks to Ryan's portrayal of the Worst Father Ever in 16 and Pregnant, threatens, "If it doesn't stop, you're not gonna have" Bentley at all.

This baby daddy knows his rights…to party. Will he have to fight for his right to parent?

Does party-boy Ryan deserve to have custody of Bentley? Does Farrah deserve to have custody of anything? Is Maci getting her act together? And do teens Catelynn and Tyler belong in a nightclub? Put your hands up in the comments!

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