Jake Gyllenhaal


So we're sure it's no secret to Jake Gyllenhaal that his über-famous, high-profile exes (hello, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift) are now besties who love to dine and dish about J.G.'s reportedly vain, self-absorbed ways.

So how does the dude respond? By doubling up on ladies over the weekend, of course, and being spotted with both Rashida Jones and Anna Kendrick

Do we smell a new Jake brewing under that oh-so-nice-guy facade?

Not so sure. And a better question, what the heck is Jake trying to accomplish by publicly stepping out with two women in such a short amount of time? Even hunk Ryan Gosling takes a breather between Disney dates.

You would have thought Jakey had gotten the hint that his old ways weren't working for him: He dates Reese for two years only to see her quickly wed after their breakup and then decides to move on with Taylor Swift before she is even of legal drinking age?

Something's off. 

So after two high-profile (failed) relationships, does Jake really think he has a shot with either of these two beautiful women? Or is he just trying to prove that good-ol' Jake can act like a badass player, too?

However, according to pals close to Jake, there's no badassing going on at all: Kendrick's time with Jake is a work relationship (they're starring in End of Watch together), whereas Rashida and Jake are longtime friends, so we're told.

Jake, you're a stud on a par with both Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds), why are you doing this imitation photo-op stuff?

You deserve better.

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