Last night on E! News, we world premiered Diddy-Dirty Money's new video "Coming Home." But that's not all we've got!

Can't world premiere a music video without some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, right? And that's why we've got Diddy and his lovely Dirty Money ladies straight from their desert set, explaining exactly what is so awesome about this video.

Here's just a few of those things:

  1. It's like a movie!
  2. See-through pants
  3. Cameramen wearing Raiders of the Lost Ark hats
  4. Smoke machines
  5. Helicopter shots
  6. They're spending a lot of money!

Or, if you prefer a more traditional, sit-down environment check out Ben Lyons' extended interview with Diddy-Dirty Money:

Well, did they get you pumped for this video?!

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