On December 3, The Soup will air its 300th episode. As part of the celebration, we're asking you to vote for your favorite Soup moment of all time in the poll below. And, over the course of the week, we'll be highlighting a bunch of the "moments" on the list and digging deep into our alcohol-fogged memory to give you a quasi behind-the-scenes peek at them. Today, we're taking a look back at the TomKat Interview...






This, as they say, was the one that changed it all...Well, that's an exaggeration. But it was a departure of sorts for us at the time. It was one of the first on-location bits we had done. By which we mean we didn't shoot it in a closet with a green screen on an intern's camcorder. No, instead we ventured to our executive producer/head writer K.P. Anderson's backyard (side note: a few hundred episodes later, his backyard is now much nicer).

Speaking of K.P., that's his wife Leslie in the role of Consuela, as well as his dog Ziggy in the role of Suri Cruise. And fans of the show will no doubt recognize producer Kelly Andrews as Katie Holmes (name now legally Kelly Andrews-Levy, sorry fellas), and writer Dominic Deleo as Tom Cruise (name now legally Mankini, sorry Deleo family).

Dominic, it should be known, is a hairy man. And since Tom Cruise is not,* Dominic threw caution and potential razor burn to the wind and took to the blade mere minutes before the shoot. Not having shaved the night before was an oversight, and a potentially costly one at that, what with us not having a makeup department and razor burn being so common in the gentle-skinned Deleo family. But as Dominic scuttled off into K.P.'s bathroom and proceeded to clog his sink drain, he shaved away not just his beard but the thin line that separated him from one of Hollywood's most luminous of stars. In short, that afternoon, Dominic Deleo became Tom Cruise. 

But don't take our word for it. Let Dominic's beautifully manic performance do the talking. And then, whether it's for this video or another, don't forget to vote in the poll below for your favorite! Otherwise democracy will die and it will be your fault. 

*we will not make a beard joke, we will not make a beard joke, we will not make a...

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