Jennifer Garner reveals a lot in this visit to Martha Stewart's cozy little studio home.

Showing up at the door with a bottle of bubbly and a hankering to make some cookies with the lifestyle maven for her upcoming special Martha Stewart's Holiday Open House, Garner shows off her baking skills before telling Martha a little about her very secret nickname...


Yes, the lovely actress, mother and wife tells Stewart that growing up her family called her by that adorable moniker, and even got her a Christmas cap that read "Santa's Puppy." Awww.

Then perhaps wondering whether she might need to deflect attention from this a partner in the cute name department, Garner begins testing out nicknames for Stewart, like...

Punkin. (Which is totally not where we would have gone with this, but that's just us.)

What's sweetest of all is that Stewart doesn't let Garner in on the fact that she already acquired a nickname back when she was in prison: M. Diddy.

Martha Stewart's Holiday Open House airs December 6 on the Hallmark Channel.

Happy Holidays!

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