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"Big and magical"—and possibly life-threatening.

That's how Brothers & Sisters star Gilles Marini describes his upcoming turn on ABC's Castle. So if the ridonkulously hot Frenchman went all out for the role, why is Castle's leading lady Stana Katic telling us she's disappointed?

'Cause the famously "big and magical" (sorry, couldn't resist!) Sex and the City star had the nerve to perform his entire Castle role fully clothed.

"[Gilles] was not shirtless," Stana lamented to us at last night's American Music Awards. "And I was like, 'What is this? Is this a waste or what? How can we all be sitting here and not enjoying that?' It was too much. He is so stunning and sweet...He's lovely. Really delicious."

Delicious and apparently totally cool with taking a few possibly life-threatening risks—all in the name of (homage to Gob Bluth) "illuuuusion." Gilles plays Tobias Strange, a world-famous magician and suspect in the murder of a magic-shop owner.

"They let me do a big stunt," Gilles reveals of his Castle stint. "It's a very dangerous stunt, a magic trick where if anything goes wrong, you get smashed. So they did it as my last scene. They can't use a stunt person, so they had a lot of security around it, but if the thing malfunctioned, we were in trouble!"

But he lived to tell about it. "I asked the director why we did that scene in the end and he said, 'We already have your words on tape, so it's good to do the dangerous stuff in the end.' But everything was great...I make people disappear, no rabbit, no hat."

Gilles' "big and magical" Castle episode is tentatively slated for Jan. 10, and, while still showing up for his recurring role opposite Rachel Griffiths on Brothers & Sisters, he's also stopping by USA Network's Royal Pains for the season finale. "It's a very tight group," he says of the Royal crew.  "We shot in the Hamptons. My character is a choreographer and he has this unbelievable house—I loved it! I'm playing a tough teacher."

Castle airs Mondays on ABC. Brothers & Sisters airs Sundays on ABC. Royal Pains returns Jan. 19 on USA.

—Reporting by Marc Malkin

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