Sarah Palin


Despite the fame and notoriety, outspoken super-MILF Sarah Palin is all about basic values. Family, privacy, God. That sort of thing.

Daughter Bristol, however—the one Palin the Tea Party actually has a chance to elect to something—may need a dose of grounding, Sara Palin's Alaska-style

Thankfully mom is around to set her straight with a little 12-gauge therapy:




"So often what it is that [Bristol] does ends up in the tabloids because of someone she had been associated with. So Todd and I wanted to get her away from all of that and to refocus on what truly matters in her life."

You mean like being on a wildly popular TV dance competition program, or do you mean appearing on her mother's reality show that dissects every aspect of her personal family life?

Either way, any refocusing is going to need to go through her people at CAA.

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