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Shari Says: "She was going to hire a stylist, but the rodeo clowns got there first..."

Calling all couture cops—it's YOU Write 'Em Up time!

The Perp: Rapper Nicki Minaj in Manish Arora, at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles

It starts with the outrageous clothes, then comes the music (right, Lady Gaga and Willow Smith?). Nicki's got the first part in the bag, rocking a green and blond wig with what's apparently the love child of a skeleton and a pinball machine. The artist raved to MTV that if her dress could talk, it would say, "I am such a bad diva bitch."

Are you feeling Nicki's style, or is this costume straight-up crazy? Write a clever caption about her getup below and we'll post our favorite here and on our Facebook page.

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