Miley Cyrus

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I've learned that Miley Cyrus will take the stage on this Sunday's American Music Awards and sing a new song that she has never performed in public. The song selection, I'm told, is a last-minute decision because she feels it's "the right song at the right time of her life."

It's an interesting time, to be sure. Miley has toured the world several times over and become a household name from Kentucky to Congo. She's written hit songs and her likeness has been used to sell millions in merchandise—from lunch boxes to jewelry to karaoke machines. She brought Twitter users to tears last year when she abandoned her account to reclaim some privacy. And guess what? On Nov. 23, she turns just...18.

I've met Miley, and I've always been impressed with the energy and passion she brings to everything—whether it's obsessing over the pet bird she was carrying around in a cage the day I met her, graciously taking time to get to know my daughter, or recording vocal tracks at Rock Mafia's studio in Santa Monica. A kid living in an adult's world—yet more mature and worldly than a lot of adults who may be reading (or, perhaps, writing) this.

Earlier this week, I was able to throw Miley some questions for E! News, including what her plans are for her milestone birthday. "For my birthday this year I'm just gonna have everyone that I really love be able to hang out," she said.

After a whirlwind 17 years, after enduring enough drama to fill a hundred episodes of Gossip Girl, I'd say she deserves to take some time to just "hang out."

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