RyanReynolds, People Magazine Sexiest Man


Don't get us wrong: In no way would Ryan Reynolds be kicked out of any member of Team Truth's bed.

But while Reynolds was crowned People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive (and he is gut-wrenchingly sexy), we think that the wrong Ryan was chosen for the glossy honors at this particular moment:

We're talking about Ryan Gosling, of course.

Obviously we're big fans of Ryan's ass (and great personality), but unfortunately being Academy-approved doesn't mean you're People-approved.

See, Gosling and his fab NC-17 flick Blue Valentine are going to score invites to many award shows, no doubt. While Reynolds will be on hand—to present. Probably with Blake Lively to promote Green Lantern.

Ryan Gosling

Vito Amati/Getty Images

Ya see, Gosling is just too indie for the likes of this mainstream mag.

Instead, the media is way into pushing Green Lantern big time. And in comparison to Iron Man or The Dark Knight, let's just say we're more interested in Reynold's six-pack than the flick.

And while we're bitchin' about Gosling, we know many of you are upset that our favorite sparkly vampire wasn't on the cover.

But don't worry, Robert Pattinson will get his People moment!

Obviously we're all for starting R.Pattz's Sexiest Man Alive 2011 campaign, but we'll tell you right now, it's a very likely situation.

People coordinates their sexy man with what stars have coming up. And hello, Breaking Dawn Part 1 just happens to have a release date of November 18, 2011!

So never fear Twilight fans, your man will get it one year from now. We bet on it.

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