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Eva Longoria Parker has been keeping quite busy with her Desperate Housewives show, but rumor has it that the real soap opera is what's going on in her personal biz. Ya know, like with her yummy, soon-to-be former, hubby Tony Parker.

Details are just starting to come in, but here's what we can tell you: What caused the divorce ain't nothin' new...

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Just one day after a rep for Longoria denied that Tony filed for divorce, earlier this morning Eva filed for divorce from Parker (her rep is not commenting at this time).

And for once, consider Team Awful shocked. Well, kind of.

Were we naive to think the couple that Viced together stayed together?


See, the basketballer and his hardly desperate housewife teamed up for one of our fave Vices. Eva even landed herself a spot in our prestigious Blind Vice Superstars gallery—an honor, of course. And yet, for all their sexy secrets, the two seemed, dare we say...happy.

For the most part, at least, which is why we hoped the trouble in paradise was just a rumor.

We hate that another perfect couple—trust, these two are a match made in Hollyweird heaven—are about to go kaput.

And we must say one reason they were so perf for each other is a rather spiteful after-taste: just as Tony and Eva are apparently trying to beat each other to the punch on who can file for divorce the fastest, it's such a karmic reminder of how Eva was with her first husband, the actor Tyler Christopher.

"Once she decided she was out of that marriage," said a pal to both Tyler and Eva, "she did not treat him well. Actually, didn't treat him so well before that, either."

But, Tony and Eva have hit rumored patches before. Remember, just five months after they got married, a French model claimed to have bedded Parker, but Eva stood by her man and the two seemed happier than ever. The model was not taken overly seriously by too many.

Let's just say what (or who) allegedly broke them this time is a tough one to bounce back from.

We'll keep you updated as we sort out fact from fiction from all these crazy rumors. Promise!

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