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So True So False, STSF

By now you know that Jessica Simpson is  happily betrothed  to former footballer Eric Johnson. But you might have read today that she plans on putting the wedding plans into hyperdrive and pull off her second trip down the aisle in time for Christmas.

Well, we consulted with our lockdown Team Simpson sources and we can tell you that Yuletide nuptial rumor is...

So false!

Simpson is so busy recording her Christmas album she hasn't had a chance to even think about wedding plans yet, so a ceremony by Dec. 25 is "highly unlikely," according to our Jessica insider.

"She's finishing her album for now and concentrating on that, then she's starting the planning," the source says. "What she's done so far is talked to close friends, picked a few bridesmaids including her sister and a few girls on her payroll, but there's no place picked or anything detailed yet."

What is planned is a big, family Thanksgiving celebration.

"Her family really loves him and both families are spending Thanksgiving together. His family is headed to meet hers and they are both excited over the families being together," says the source. "Jessica's dad is a little worried because Eric has nothing going on right now in terms of work, but he really loves her for her and they're happy about that and feel that she's in a good place."

So the wedding won't be happening by Christmas, but why is Jess, only dating Johnson since May, rushing things?

"She wants to have a baby," the insider says. "Like really, really wants a baby. She's been giddy with her friends and that's the extent of the planning, but she's thinking baby."

And when the wedding does happen, will ex-BFF Ken Paves be on the guest list?

Don't hold your breath.

Paves, who insisted to us that the deuling duo were only dealing with scheduling conflicts (uh huh) didn't even tweet his congrats this time. And our source tells us no way he's being invited to the wedding, either.

"Ken didn't even call to congratulate her. They are now enemies for life," the insider insists.

Heck, even ex-hubby Nick Lachey offered his  well wishes.

Speaking of Lachey, our source says that while reports have suggested the odd timing of the Simpson-Johnson engagement was more than a coincidence, Jessica wasn't trying to upstage her former mister.

"Eric was so bummed out when Nick's engagement hit the news," the source says. "[Eric] was planning on that date for a long time."

Now we'll just have to see which of the exes wins the race to the altar.

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