Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson

Warner Bros.

Let's just say that Mel Gibson was well-armed.

Mr. Lethal Weapon was ordered by a judge to surrender all of his guns after Oksana Grigorieva filed her restraining order in June—and, man, did he have quite the stash.

Here's what the cops collected:

  • one semiautomatic Glock handgun, with a magazine and a speed loader
  • one Beretta semiautomatic handgun with a magazine
  • one semiautomatic 12-gauge shotgun
  • one lever-action Winchester rifle

The fact that Gibson had to give up the guns is hardly surprising. Judge Scott Gordon was just following standard operating procedure after a charge of domestic violence is lodged.

Grigorieva had claimed that her baby daddy had waved a gun in the air and threatened her life during their huge blowout last January. Mel has denied the claims.

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