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USA's candy-colored dramas, including Burn Notice, Royal Pains and White Collar, are just chock-full of good-looking hero types, but would you believe that one USA star actually knows how to save a life?

Find out which actor recently came to the aid of an ailing lady:

Reshma Shetty, whom we love as snarky, superprofessional physician assistant Divya Katdare on USA's hit medical dramedy Royal Pains, recently revealed to us, "I actually had a moment happen to me just recently when my sister and I were at Saks Fifth Avenue and a woman fainted, and it was so weird. I just ran down and I started to get her comfortable—she'd had a fit of some sort—I talked to her, I got her history, and I felt like I was in a scene. I really felt like I was [possessed by Divya], and then the Saks people came and they were like, 'Are you OK, do you need anything?' And I was like, 'We're fine, these are the medication she's on, this is what happened,' and the EMTs came, and I explained, 'This is what happened, and maybe someone should find a doctor somewhere?' and I was leaving, and the EMTs were like, 'Are you a [physician assistant] in real life?' And I said, 'No, I just play one on TV.' "

Royal Pains, Reshma Shetty, Paulo Costanzo

Ha! To deploy that classic line in real life is a rare and special honor, but Reshma stayed modest about the whole experience, saying, "I did nothing to save her life or anything, but I knew what questions to ask and I knew how to stabilize her." (Good girl!)

So what is to come for scrappy sidekicks Divya and Evan (Paulo Costanzo) in the new episodes? Well, for one thing, Divya steps out with French sex symbol Gilles Marini. Reshma tells us, "We tango—and I want everyone to know that I didn't know how to tango before this episode." Duly noted.

As for the chemistry between the P.A. and the CFO of HankMed, show runner Andrew Lenchewski tells us, "Obviously, from the get-go, we saw that there was a great tension there to be exploited, and we definitely write to it, and not away from it. But you know some of us, more than others, are concerned that if we go too far with that we won't be able to bring it back." (Which side do you fall on?)

The actors confirm we'll have to hold our horses for a while if we're waiting. Reshma says, "At the moment we've been delving into our personal storylines—Hank with his dad (Henry Winkler) and Paige (Brooke D'Orsay), and myself with the marriage and this new guy who has come along, and as with any good TV, [their feelings for each other will] be in and out."

Paulo agrees, telling us, "Paige is definitely his first love, I think. We'll see what happens, but she's definitely the first time he's had these kinds of feelings. I think Evan's never had any sort of relationship ever in his whole life. And this is the first time he's spent more than like a week or two with one girl. He's going to be falling in love with Paige, but he doesn't want to lose [Divya either]—and I think he thinks Raj (Rupak Ginn) is an OK guy. But I don't think he's like, "[Raj] go take her away forever,' I think he definitely would love if something went wrong [with the wedding]."

Royal Pains returns to USA Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. Will you be watching?

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